Web Development Classes

Added on Sun, 26 Apr 2020

Address: Clayton, Melbourne, Australia
E-Mail: info.subashthapa@gmail.com
Phone: 0450503550

Hello all,

I'm a professional software engineer/website developer/programmer with Master's of IT degree. I'm providing a complete website development course that makes you job ready in Australia in a very reasonable price. Are you looking for someone to write a resume or cover letter based on the course you've learned? Then you're looking at the right advertisement.

Here's what I can teach you based on your knowledge level.
1. HTML - HTML is a markup language that we can use to display content with text/images in a website.
2. CSS - CSS is used to make website look better and responsive using different styles.
3. Javascript - Javascript is a scripting language and it is used for making better web experience.
4. PHP - PHP is used to create dynamic website and content management systems.
5. Laravel - Laravel is a MVC framework built using PHP which helps in rapid prototyping pages.
6. VueJs - VueJS is a javascript framework that can help build single or multiple page applications.
7. React - React is another javascript framework that can help build single or multiple page applications.
8. React native - React native is a javascript framework from facebook. You can build hybrid apps for ios and android apps.
I can design a course content based on what you already know. For example: if you already know HTML and CSS, you can already create static website pages. So, your course content will be focused on creating dynamic website pages with content management system or CMS.
Please feel free to ask any question and I will reply as soon as I can.

Further more:
I can build custom websites based on customer’s requirement at a reasonable price. If you are after a complete digital solution for your small business, please contact us or write a message.

A digital solution package for start-up includes:
Domain name
Logo design
Website design
Website development
Website hosting
Continuous support

You can separate these services if you already have alternate solutions.
I use Laravel to develop backend & API and VueJS to create interactive pages that feel smooth to browse which will be hosted in the cloud using Azure Service.

Please send us your requirements if you are wondering about the price.

Other services I can offer:
Face recognition using OpenCV/Python
Digital marketing in facebook, google