Rules in Australia to avoid COVID 19

Added on Tue, 31 Mar 2020

While the people in the world are fighting for their life, there are rules implemented in Australia every people in Australia needs to know of. If you are going outside of your house, then there should be valid reasons. You are only allowed to go if you need to work or study, buy groceries, do exercise nearby your residing area and if you need to go to medical or hospital for check-up.
Social distance is a rule you should follow if you’re going out. The distance in between 2 persons should be 1.5metres. You can measure easily by guessing the distance equals to two hands. If you’re thinking of going to restaurants for lunch or dinner, then you’re not allowed to dine-in, but you can do take-away. I can recommend cooking by yourself at home rather than buying outside because you can cook safely in your home.
The residents are asked to avoid gatherings. People are not allowed to go to beaches or any picnic area at any cost. No more than 2 people can gather inside or outside the house. You should stay home, take care of yourself, your family and friends.